AR-10 Barrels For Sale

 AR-10 Replacement Barrels for Sale

Our replacement AR-10 type barrels for sale are compatible with Armalite, DPMS, and Rock River 7.62 Nato and .308 Winchester AR10 upper assemblies and rifles. We offer these AR barrels in lengths of 16”, 18”, 20” and 24”.  Our AR10 LW-50 Polygonal rifled barrels are produced for our group by Lothar Walther which is a world leader for AR-10 7.62x51mm and .308 match barrels used in competition, target, varmint, precision and long range shooting events.

AR-10 Barrels

The Lothar Walther barrel material we use in our product is German LW-50 stainless steel which is known for long life and good wear characteristics for use in both tactical weapons and Varmint shooting. They have four lands and grooves and are Lothar Walthers proprietary polygonal rifling profile with a twist rate of 1/10”. Lothar Walther chambers the AR10 barrels with a .308 Nato chamber which will fire 7.62X51mm ammunition as well as .308 Match ammunition from Lapua, Federal, Winchester, Hornady and Fiocchi as well as any other SAMMI or C.I.P specification ammunition. The AR-10 .308 barrels are completely stress relieved after they have been polygonal rifled. They are machined on the highest quality CNC turning centers and checked for straightness both before and after turning. The Polygonal button rifled match grade barrels are CNC taper lapped by Lothar Walther after the match grade .308 Nato chambers have been reamed. The LW-50 stainless steel barrels have a ground external finish and are supplied with an extension installed and gas ported.

AR10 polygonal rifled LW-50 barrels

Lothar Walther-manufactured AR10 polygonal rifled LW-50 barrels have proven to be the winning edge in tactical competitions which require a high round count, or traditional target competitions.  They are a buyer’s first choice when looking for extreme accuracy and long life polygonal rifled AR-10 barrel for Upper Assemblies and Rifles. The AR10 barrels we offer are necessary to complete your AR-10 upper assembly build or project. The polygonal barrels provide known accuracy with Sierra’s 168 grain Match Kings as well as the 175 Match Kings which are used by Federal, Winchester, and Fiocchi for loaded .308 Match and 7.62X51mm Match ammunition. The 168 MK and 175 MK provide consistent accuracy for tactical and long range competitions.

Match AR10 barrels For Sale

Hornady Manufacturing’s Superperformance Match, TAP-FPD, Match and Varmint Express ammunition perform accurately for use in our Lothar Walther AR10 barrels for shooting in competition, tactical, target, varmint, precision and long range events.

Lapua offers .308, 7.62X51 match ammunition with the 155 and 167 grain Scenar bullets which will function with our barrels and provide good accuracy and could be used for competition or other precision shooting events.


Lothar Walther polygonal LW-50 barrels for sale are drop in for AR-10 16”, 18”, 20’ and 24” rifles and uppers

The Lothar Walther polygonal LW-50 barrels for sale are drop in for Armalite AR-10 16”, 18”, 20’ and 24” rifles and uppers. Our AR10 polygonal barrels will also interchange onto 20” 7.62mm SASS upper assemblies and rifles. The 20” LW-50 barrels can be used in an AR-10 and AR-10T A4 uppers as a direct replacement including the 16”, 18” and 24” barrel lengths. For tactical and long range competitions, a 20” or 24” Lothar Walther LW-50 barrel can be used in an AR-10T or A4 upper assembly.  Our 18” SPR or 20” DMR barrel uses a rifle length gas system and hand guards. 

AR-10 Replacement Barrels for Sale

For Rock River Arms, we offer barrels that are compatible with 16”, 18”, 20” and 24” LAR-8 .308 Varmint, LAR-8 A4, LAR-8 Predator and 7.62mm .308  Elite Operator rifles and upper assemblies. Both our 16” and 20” Polygonal LW-50 barrel may be used on the LAR-8 Elite Operator uppers and rifles, and our 24” LW-50 stainless steel barrel can replace the barrel on a 24” LAR-8 Predator rifle or upper assembly. Our 16” and 18” barrels are compatible with the Rock River LAR-8 A4 uppers and rifles. The extensions have the correct Rock River LAR-8 feed ramp.

AR-10 Replacement Barrels for Sale

Our AR10 LW-50 stainless steel polygonal barrels are compatible with DPMS 16”, 18”, 20” and 24” .308 and 7.62mm rifles and uppers. The 16” LW-50 polygonal barrels are interchangeable with DPMS AP4 7.62mm and .308 Carbine Rifles and upper assemblies with 16”, 18 and 20” length barrels. A DPMS LR .308 and 7.62 rifle or upper can use our 18”, 20” and 24” polygonal barrels for replacement. Our 20” and 24” LW-50 stainless steel polygonal barrel can be used in DPMS SASS LRT .308 7.62X51mm rifles or upper assemblies.