SAOD has a large line of specialty barrels, these barrels are produced by Lothar Walther, manufacturers of an extensive line of finished rifle barrels. This is the exact barrel that has been used by many of the best American and European gunsmiths for years for rebarreling rifles.

SAOD barrels are special stainless steel, are long chambered, and require a Gunsmith to set and verify final headspace. All barrels are produced to SAMMI or C.I.P. specifications, depending on caliber.

The quality of these barrels can not be matched by any other comparably priced barrel and are manufactured with the latest CNC technology in all regards to Manufacturing and are CNC triple taper lapped.

AR-15 Barrel 11 inch .223 1/8 inch twist Heavy .935 Gas Block


AR-15 Barrel 11 inch .223 1/8 inch twist Heavy .935 Gas Block LW-50 stainless...


AR-308 16 inch DMR Barrel


AR-10 LW-50 Polygonal DMR .308 16 inch barrel


AR-15 barrel LW-19 M4-16 inch carbine-length .223 1/8 inch twist medium .750 Gas


Our M4 16 inch AR-15, 5.56 Nato caliber Carbine Length barrel features a LW-19...


AR-308 Barrel 18 inch SPR


AR-10 LW-50 Polygonal barrel .308 SPR 18 inch


AR-15 Barrel VAR.TAC 20 inch with muzzle threads .750 gas block


VAR.TAC Barrel 20 inch 1/8 inch twist standard rifling with muzzle threads .750...


AR-308 Barrel 20 inch DMR


AR-10 LW-50 .308 Barrel DMR 20 inch


Mauser Barrel .22-250 Remington


Mauser Barrel .22-250 Remington Medium Sporter .650 Muzzle & 25.6" OAL


Mauser Barrel .22-250 Remington


Mauser Barrel .22-250 Remington Medium Sporter .650 Muzzle & 23.6 OAL


AR-308 barrel 24 inch Target


AR-10 LW-50 polygonal Target 24 inch barrel


Mauser Barrel .243 Winchester


Mauser Barrel .243 Winchester Medium Sporter .650 Muzzle & 23.6" OAL


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