AR-15 Barrel 18 inch SPR 1/8 inch twist Barrel .750

AR-15 Barrel 18 inch .223 SPR 1/8 inch twist LW-50 Stainless Steel standard Rifling .750 Gas Block

AR-15 LW-50 Barrel 18 inch .223 SPR Rifle Length gas system 1/8 inch twist .750 Gas Block Standard rifling .223 Wylde chamber 1/2-28 TPI muzzle threads.

This barrel has standard rifling, not Polygonal.

Rifle length gas system

This barrel is designed to work on a A-2 style lower

Polished finish, We offer no coatings or coating services.

Barrel only, bolt not included.

Picture may not respresent products true size and length.

Warning: A qualified gunsmith should be used for installation of this barrel. It is the responsibility of the installer of this product to check headspace before firing or use.

Lothar Walther chambers our SPR AR15 barrels with .223 Wylde chambers which will fire 5.56X45 ammunition as well as .223 Match ammunition from Lapua, Federal, Winchester, Hornady and Fiocchi as well as any other SAMMI or C.I.P specification ammunition. The AR-15 SPR barrels are completely stress relieved after they have been rifled. They are machined on the highest quality CNC turning centers and checked for straightness both before and after turning. The Lothar Walther button rifled match grade barrels are CNC taper lapped by Lothar Walther after the chambers have been reamed. The LW-50 Polygonal stainless steel barrels have a ground external finish and are supplied with an M4 barrel extension and have been gas ported. The AR15 barrels we offer are necessary to complete your AR-15 upper assembly build or project. The barrels provide known accuracy with Sierra’s .224 diameter 69 grain Match Kings as well as the .224 diameter 77 Match Kings which are used by Federal, Winchester, and Fiocchi for loaded .223 Match and 5.56X45mm Nato Match ammunition. The 69 MK and 77 MK provide consistent accuracy for tactical and long range competitions. Hornady manufacturing’s  Superperformance 75 grain Match, 55 grain TAP-FPD, 75 grainTAP-FPD, Match and 35, 40, 50 and 55 grain Varmint Express ammunition perform accurately for use in our Lothar Walther LW-50 stainless steel AR-15 barrels for shooting in competition, tactical, target, varmint, precision and long range events.

Lapua offers .223, 5.56X45mm Nato match ammunition with the 69 grain Scenar Lapua match bullets, which will function with our barrels and provide good accuracy for competition or other precision shooting events.