AR-15 Barrel 7.5 inch 6.5 1/8 inch twist Barrel .935

AR-15 LW-50 Barrel 7.5 inch 6.5 1/8 inch twist stainless steel standard rifling .935 Gas Block

AR-15 LW-50 stainless steel Barrel 7.5 inch 6.5 1/8 inch twist .935 Gas Block 5/8-24 TPI threads

This barrel uses a standard pistol length gas tube.

This is a barrel includes a matched bolt

Picture may not respresent products true size and length.

Warning: A qualified gunsmith should be used for installation of this barrel.

All SAOD barrels are assembled with parts that meet and exceed Mil-Spec or higher quality standards. SAOD barrels are assembled with M4 barrel extensions. The bolts are manufactured from 9310 and barrels have 5/8-24 TPI muzzle threads. Barrels are gas ported and bolts are head spaced to each barrel to ensure greatest accuracy and function. Barrels are in a polished finish. SAOD 6.5 chambered barrels will chamber and fire Hornady Mfg 6.5 Grendel ammunition. The barrels are supplied from Lothar Walther who utilizes specialized engineered materials which yield greater accuracy and durability. Barrels are processed using the latest CNC technology available in all aspects of manufacturing and are CNC triple taper lapped.